Abacus Data Center Audit

The reality is almost anyone can perform a data center audit. But then what? An Abacus Data Center Audit can be the starting point for customers who are looking to optimize hardware, space, resources, and time, allowing you to gain control over investments already made to make better decisions going forward. Abacus leverages its unique background as a full solutions IT provider to separate our level of service from other data center audit providers.

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At Abacus Solutions, we don't want to just sell you products, we want you to be informed of our processes. That's why we strive to be transparent by providing documentation whenever possible. Click on the icons to read more about our services.

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Data Center Audit Process


with a solution kickoff call to start a project plan outline.


to be agreed and finalized.


at current location at agreed day/time.


environment, hardware, and cabling.


Abacus to provide a proper listing with datacenter audit details.


Audit findings can lead to Abacus IT infrastructure recommendations.


with Abacus to help with future IT hardware, cloud, services, and ITAD needs. At Abacus Solutions, we get IT.

Why Choose Abacus for Data Center Audit Services?

  • You need to consolidate, virtualize, and/or optimize your data center.
  • We can help reduce your data center footprint.
  • You can sell your decommissioned hardware to us.
  • We can help reduce your support spend.
  • You have a desire to enhance your business continuity.
  • We can help plan & execute backups.
  • We are a full solutions service & support partner.
  • We can plan/execute a customized audit.

Take the First Step Toward a Stress-Free Audit.

We deliver our audit findings with IT infrastructure recommendations for you to start and implement. Contact Abacus today about a Data Center Audit and we'll send you a pdf of our audit details so you can become familiar with our process.