The AS/400 has been at the Abacus core since our founding days in 2000. We make no bones about it – we argue we do the IBM Power Systems, System i, IBM iSeries, and the AS/400 better than the rest and look forward to proving it one customer at a time. Abacus is an IBM premier business partner, an IBM marked managed service provider, hardware broker, professional service, maintenance, managed service, and solution provider. Our multitude of skills and offerings is unmatched in the industry. We have the iSeries product, services, support and solutions all the way up to the application level for all your IT iSeries needs, let Abacus be your go to iSeries partner.

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IBM Partnership Qualifications

IBM Managed Services for Infrastructure Premier Business Partner Mark
IBM Specialty for Power Systems Premier Business Partner Mark
IBM Authorized Systems and Storage for Power Systems Premier Business Partner Mark
IBM Authorized Systems and Storage for Storage Premier Business Partner Mark

New Hardware Solutions

Abacus is a Premier Business Partner with the highest level of certifications available from IBM. We take our expertise and knowledge as an IBM i focused Managed Service Provider and parlay that into all of our customer specific recommendations. Our IBM i new hardware solutions include all the needed product, support, onsite professional, and migration services for a turnkey one stop shop. Contact Abacus for all your new IBM i solutions needs!

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Pre-Owned Hardware

Abacus personal stock of IBM iSeries inventory is one of the largest in the world. We carry systems, processors, memory, disk, features, and more from the latest Power generations down to the old AS/400 hardware and everything in between. All iSeries hardware is audited, tested, eligible for IBM support, and comes with a limited warranty. Abacus not only has the hardware but the sales and technical expertise to recommend and configure custom cost effective iSeries specific solutions with and for you.

Abacus IBM iSeries Solution Options

Image of Cisco switches available via Abacus Solutions

i Cloud

Are you not willing or able to invest in your premise IBM Power Systems, System i, IBM iSeries, and the AS/400 infrastructure anymore? Then consider a shift to the Abacus i Cloud and review our multiple IBM i focused offerings and options. We have various tiers of service to accomodate all business sizes and budgets.
Image of Cisco switches available via Abacus Solutions

Business Continuity

IBM i environments run some of your most business critical workloads and need to be protected at all cost. Review our Abacus Business Continuity solutions to discover a variety of RTO, RTO, and pricing options, designed to meet all your IBM i specific disaster recovery requirements.
Image of Cisco UCS available via Abacus Solutions

Cloud Backup

IBM i backups have daily implications to environment availability, requiring high visibility as well as continual hands-on grunt work. The Abacus Cloud Backup solutions provide options for varying levels of Abacus business continuity and allow you to offload tedious backup work to a focused partner.
Image of Cisco switches available via Abacus Solutions

Professional Services

The Abacus Professional Services team has the IBM i expertise and experience for almost anything and everything up to the application level. Hardware upgrades and migrations, system relocations, OS version upgrades, backup resolution, operating and non operating software requests, and hardware errors, are just a few of our favorite things. Contact Abacus with your next IBM i project or problem.
Image of Cisco UCS available via Abacus Solutions

Maintenance Services

Is the fact that your older AS/400 is getting long in the tooth getting you worried? Are you struggling to find support options for it? Abacus Maintenance Services to the rescue. Our custom offerings cater to the unique IBM i platform and provide you equal, if not better, coverage then the OEM for less.
Image of Cisco switches available via Abacus Solutions

Operation Management Services

Have you lost an IBM i operations resource and/or needed to free up existing resources from day to day operations to get more involved with business critical applications? Abacus's Operations Management Services is the answer. Abacus will take over your backups, daily operations, and more, freeing up important resources to be redirected business critical work.

Why Choose Abacus for iSeries Solutions?

  • We advise for a low total cost of ownership and can often provide you more for a similar spend and/or the same for less.
  • We offer flexible solutions in a traditionally rigid platform.
  • We can pretty much do anythihng and everything up to the application level with, and for, you.
  • We can provide emergency same day delivery for solutions and systems.
  • You need to improve your IT environment in terms of capability as well as scale.
  • You can consult with our IBM experts to find the right product, cloud solution, or managed service.
  • You can subsidize a new purchase by selling us pre-owned IBM hardware.
  • You need to reduce maintenance costs with third party support.
  • We can extend your IT hardware budget without sacrificing performance.
  • You need to consolidate space/maintenance of database or cloud environments.

Contact Abacus to Gain a Focused and Flexible Partner for the IBM iSeries

When you buy IBM iSeries from Abacus, you work one-on-one with a sales rep, backed by a team of engineers, to find the perfect IT solution for you.