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Data storage can become overwhelming, costly, and require security that is beyond your current capabilities. With the increasing need for more secure, efficient, and scalable storage environments, you're going to need a partner who can work to keep you positioned in front of these changes. Abacus Solutions sets itself apart from the competition as a premier IT solutions provider by maintaining one of the largest inventories of refurbished IBM Tape and Disk hardware on-site. We can help you leverage the flexibility of IBM Storage systems to keep you in control of data growth and costs, while maintaining a sustainable enterprise. Our team of certified engineers will provide you with solutions and support for you storage infrastructure, and do so at a cost that's within your budget.

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Abacus IBM Storage Product Options

Image of IBM DS3300 Disk Storage

Disk Storage

Abacus Solutions has an established reputation for supplying quality IBM Storage hardware. We understand that your system's storage demands can change overnight, which is why our IBM Disk products can be provided as quickly as next day when you urgently need them. Our on-site warehouse stores multiple generations of IBM mid-range disk systems, disk drives, and all the miscellaneous, but necessary accessories, that are sometimes overlooked. We supply all refurbished hardware for your small- to medium-sized business storage needs. Buying from the secondary market saves money; we ensure you don't lose out on quality. Our IBM Disk units inventory includes the following storage models:
  • IBM DS3000 (1726 DS3200 DS3300 DS3400 1727 EXP3000)
  • IBM DS3500 (1746 DS3512 DS3524 EXP3512 EXP3524)
  • IBM DS4000 (DS4700 DS4800 EXP810)
  • IBM DS5000 (DS5020 DS5100 DS5300 EXP520 EXP5000)
  • IBM V3700 (2072S2C 2072SEU 2072L2C 2072LEU)
  • IBM V7000 GEN1 (2076-112 2076-124 2076-212 2072-224 2076-312 2076-324)
  • IBM V7000 GEN2 (2076-12F 2076-24F 2076-524 2076-92F)
  • IBM XIV (2810 2812)
Image of IBM 3573 TS3100 Tape Storage

Tape Storage

Abacus Solutions stocks all models of IBM Tape Storage. Need to purchase a few smaller, single slot stand alone units to the largest 3584 TS3500 tape libraries? We can fulfill limited quantity purchases as well as larger, bulk purchases. Got a legacy storage system that needs expanding? We stock drives as far back as the older generation of LTO1 up to the newest 3592-E08 TS1150 Tape Drives. Our engineers are able to custom configure libraries, and can often ship these libraries for next day delivery. Our main inventory includes, but is not limited to the below models:
  • IBM 3572 (TS2900)
  • IBM 3573 (TS3100 TS3200)
  • IBM 3576 (TS3310)
  • IBM 3580 (TS2230 TS2240 TS2250 TS2260 TS2270 TS2340 TS2350 TS2360)
  • IBM 3584 (TS3500 TS4500)
  • IBM 3588 (TS1030 TS1040 TS1050 TS1060 TS1070)
  • IBM 3592 (TS1120 TS1130 TS1140 TS1150)
Image of Brocade SAN24B-5 Switch

IBM/Brocade SAN Switches

You need to have a storage area network that can keep up with the speed of your business. At Abacus, we can help you choose, configure, and deploy the right IBM or Brocade SAN switch that will provide the most return on investment. We stock a range of generations; from older, configurable 4GB and 8GB switches to the newer, larger 16GB units.
IBM Switches
  • SAN24B-4
    24-Port 8GB SAN Switch (2498-B24 249824E)
  • SAN24B-5
    24-Port 16GB SAN Switch (2498-F24 249824G)
  • SAN40B-4
    40-Port 8GB SAN Switch (2498-B40)
  • SAN48B-5
    48-Port 16GB SAN Switch (2498-F48 249848G)
  • SAN80B-4
    80-Port 8GB SAN Switch (2498-B80)
  • SAN96B-5
    96-Port 16GB SAN Switch (2498-F96 2498-N96)
Brocade Switches
  • BR-6505
    24-Port 16GB SAN Switch
  • BR-6510
    48-Port 16GB SAN Switch
  • BR-6520
    96-Port 16GB SAN Switch
Image of IBM/Lenovo 6099 V3700 Storwize


Abacus Solutions is now stocking refurbished Lenovo midrange storage. These external Tape and Disk units are meant to further our offerings by adding storage backups to your current Lenovo storage units. These units are fully tested and refurbished on site and can, in some cases, be shipped overnight. We also are able to supply any additional drive and part upgrades to your current Lenovo storage systems.
Tape Storage
  • 6160 (TS2240 TS2250 TS2260 TS2270)
  • 6171 (TS2900)
  • 6173 (TS3100 TS3200)
Disk Storage
  • 6096 (V3500)
  • 6099 (V3700)
  • 6194 (V5000)
  • 6195 (V7000)
  • 6411 (E1012 E1024 S2200 S3200)

Why Choose Abacus for IBM Storage Hardware?

  • You can subsidize a new purchase by selling us pre-owned IBM Storage hardware.
  • We can help maximize your investment via upgrades to existing storage infrastructure.
  • We provide consultation services.
  • You need support services in addition to purchasing IBM Storage hardware.

Install the Right Storage System For Your Needs

IBM’s family of storage solutions are designed to help maximize uptime, protect your data, & lower your total cost of ownership, all while simplifying data management and application. Our in-house IBM staff has designed and deployed hundreds of solutions over the years and can help get the right system in place.