HPE ProLiant

The versatility of HPE's ProLiant and ProCurve hardware provides a variety of cost-configurations to utilize in a wide scope of applications. The Abacus team of HP Product Managers and certified engineers are here to help your business take advantage of the capabilities of the ProLiant and ProCurve product lines to maximize your IT spend. Upgrade your old-gen infrastructure to improve convenience and agility. Deploy virtualizations to consolidate compute, storage, and network. We'll tailor a solution for your exact needs so you don't overspend on unnecessary capabilities. In addition to our support team, Abacus provides customers with a minimum 30-day warranty on all HP ProLiant and ProCurve hardware. Run your operations more efficiently, deliver IT services faster, and increase productivity and performance with Abacus as your partner.
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Abacus ProLiant Product Options

Image of HP ProLiant Family

HPE Renew Products

HPE Renew offers an extensive portfolio of completely remanufactured Hewlett Packard Enterprise products and solutions to meet your business needs – at extremely attractive prices. HPE Renew products offer the same reliability and performance as new Hewlett Packard Enterprise products, but for at least 15% less than the cost of the equivalent new product. If you have a limited IT budget, HPE Renew is the perfect alternative – high quality solutions at a lower cost.

HPE Renew products are guaranteed to be as good as new. All HPE Renew products undergo a complete Hewlett Packard Enterprise remanufacturing and testing process, fully restoring them to meet HPE certified standards. It is only then that they qualify for full HPE warranty – guaranteeing HPE quality and reliability. Hewlett Packard Enterprise sets strict quality standards for its entire technology portfolio, and ensures that remanufactured products offer the same performance and reliability as new products.

Image of HPE DL360 Gen 9 Stack

HPE Rack Mount Servers

HPE ProLiant servers give you the freedom to reimagine the server and start thinking in terms of compute for your business. No matter what your size, there is an HPE ProLiant server that is just right to help you meet increasing user and customer demands. HPE ProLiant servers can help you focus on key areas of IT transformation that will help you increase agility and flexibility, reduce costs, grow revenue and profits, manage risk, and improve your customers’ and employees’ experience; in short, transformations that will empower you to compete in the mobile cloud era. Let one of our HPE Rack Mount Server experts help you achieve your goals!
  • DL360 Gen 7 (Configure to Order)
  • DL360 Gen 8 (Configure to Order)
  • DL360 Gen 9 (Configure to Order)
  • DL380 Gen 7 (Configure to Order)
  • DL380 Gen 8 (Configure to Order)
  • DL380 Gen 9 (Configure to Order)
Image of HPE Bladesystem Gen 9 Family

HPE Bladesystem

The BladeSystem c7000 enclosure provides all the power, cooling, and I/O infrastructure needed to support modular server, interconnect, and storage components today and throughout the next several years. The enclosure is 10U high and holds up to 16 server and/or storage blades plus optional redundant network and storage interconnect modules. Customize the exact mix of optimization, scalability, and reliability your business needs for the most specialized and demanding workloads. We offer:
  • HP BL460c Gen 7 (Configure to Order)
  • HP BL460c Gen 8 (Configure to Order)
  • HP BL460c Gen 9 (Configure to Order)
  • HP Bladecenter c7000 (Configure to Order)
A BladeSystem c7000 enclosure provides the following benefits:
  • With local and remote hardware management integrated across the solution, one full enclosure can be managed as easily as one server.
  • Management and network interconnects extend scalability beyond a single enclosure, allowing resources to be pooled and shared across multiple enclosures.
  • Accommodates multiple server and network designs in one enclosure.
  • Lower costs per server in comparison to rack-mounted servers.
  • Lower power consumption in comparison to rack-mounted servers.
  • Lower airflow requirements in comparison to rack-mounted servers.
  • Reduced and simplified cabling in comparison to rack-mounted servers.
  • Investment protection supporting G1 through Gen9 server blades.
Image of HPE Bladesystem Interconnects

HPE Bladesystem Interconnects

Up to eight interconnect modules (four redundant fabrics) featuring a variety of industry standards including: – Ethernet – Fibre Channel – Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) – InfiniBand – iSCSI – Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)
  • HP Virtual Connect Flex-10/10D Module for c-Class BladeSystem (638526-B21)
  • HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric 10/24 Enterprise Edition BLc7000 Option (605865-B21)
  • 1GB Ethernet Pass-Thru Module for c-Class BladeSystem (406740-B21)
  • 10GbE Ethernet Pass-Thru Module for c-Class BladeSystem (538113-B21)
  • B22HP Fabric Extender for BladeSystem c-Class (641146-B21)
  • B22HP Fabric Extender w/ 16 FET for BladeSystem c-Class (657787-B21)
Image of HPE ProLiant Options

HPE ProLiant Options

You won't always need to replace entire configurations; sometimes you just need to quickly replace a failed hard drive or increase memory capacity. Tested by our HPE certified engineers, our server options offer solutions that enable you to further increase system performance. We can even provide next-day shipping for when unexpected emergencies occur. Options we offer include:
  • HPE Intel Processor Kits
  • Original HPE Server Memory
  • Original HPE Server Hard Drives
  • Network Interface Cards
  • Host Bus Adapters
  • Power Supplies

Why Choose Abacus for HPE ProLiant Hardware?

  • You can subsidize a new purchase by selling us pre-owned HPE ProLiant hardware.
  • We can provide emergency next day delivery for parts and systems.
  • You need to upgrade an existing HPE ProLiant infrastructure.
  • We can provide unparalleled support services.
  • We can provide migration & consolidation services.

Gain A Partner Who Will Work Lockstep With Your HPE ProLiant Hardware Needs

Abacus can help your IT environment adapt to handle the challenges of cloud, mobile, and Big Data. Our broad inventory of refurbished HP ProLiant and ProCurve hardware will not only save you money, but will streamline operations, reduce costs, and scale with all your network and storage needs.