HP UX & Storage

With each new generation of machine, change in OS, and transition to new architectures, fewer and fewer hardware resellers can provide the HP UX stock needed to maintain, or even upgrade, your older configurations. That's where Abacus Solutions comes in as a premier service, support, and refurbished hardware provider for all things HP. Whether you're currently using legacy systems and looking to maintain, or you need assistance with migrating your workloads to newer technologies, Abacus has the engineering expertise to implement and install services to keep your infrastructure at peak performance.

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Abacus HP UX & Storage Product Options

Image of HP pa-RISC Superdome servers

PA-RISC Servers

With PA-RISC no longer supported by HP, it can be a headache to find a reliable solutions provider to help maintain infrastructures that hinge on these legacy systems. When you partner with Abacus Solutions, you won't have to resort to upgrading your entire datacenter to newer hardware or dealing with changing the OS your systems run on. We have the inventory and the engineering staff to keep your PA-RISC servers alive and kicking until your business outgrows them. Some of the models we stock and service are included below:
  • rp2470
  • rp3410
  • rp3440
  • rp4440
  • rp7410
  • rp7420
  • rp7440
  • rp8400
  • rp8420
  • rp8440
  • HP Superdome
Image of HP Integrity rx8640 rack server

Integrity Rackmount Servers

Whether you're looking to scale or adopt the high-performance systems of HP Integrity, Abacus has the most entry class, midrange, and high-end inventory in stock to provide the best price/performance. Our unparalleled service and support helps your business take advantage of the reliability, availability, and flexibility of HP's rackmount servers at a fraction of the cost you'd incur partnering with another solutions provider. Consolidate your servers, scale-up applications, and lower your total cost of ownership with one of the servers we have in stock below:
  • rx2620
  • rx2660
  • rx2800 i2
  • rx2800 i4
  • rx3600
  • rx6600
  • rx7620
  • rx7640
  • rx8620
  • rx8640
  • HP Superdome
Image of HP Integrity BL870c i4 Blade Server

Integrity Blade Servers

If your business is utilizing HP Integrity server blades in its IT infrastructure, you're already familiar with the versatility that HP's Blade Link technology and Virtual Connect technology provides. But what happens when you need to upgrade? Or if a mission-critical blade goes down? That's where having a solutions partner like Abacus can help prevent infrastructure downtime and inflating ownership costs. Our dedicated engineers can provide support to help your team increase efficiency and minimize your data center footprint; and purchasing refurbished hardware ensures that you maximize performance for spend. Review a portion of our inventory below:
  • BL860c
  • BL860c i2
  • BL860c i4
  • BL870c
  • BL870c i2
  • BL870c i4
  • BL890c i2
  • BL890c i4
  • HP Superdome 2

Why Choose Abacus for Integrity Hardware?

  • You can subsidize a new purchase by selling us pre-owned HP Integrity hardware.
  • We can help maximize your investment via upgrades to existing storage infrastructure.
  • We provide consultation services.
  • You need support services in addition to purchasing HP9000 & Integrity hardware.

We've Got the Refurbished HP Integrity Market Cornered.

When you partner with Abacus for all your refurbished hardware needs, you gain a knowledgeable and experienced partner that has the inventory to support all your mission-critical workloads. Our on-site warehouse gives us the ability to ship parts to you immediately in the instance of an uplanned outage. See why more more customers trust Abacus as their go-to source for HP9000 and Integrity.