Abacus Windows Cloud

Abacus’s cloud focus is the IBM i, but many IBM i shops have intertwined and/or latency concerned Windows environments critical to the business that can’t be left behind. Abacus is willing and able to take all of these environments and provide them as a single cloud solution for you, the customer. Our Windows Cloud (eCloud) is built on best of breed infrastructure backed by a higher level of technical expertise than the typical commodity provider.

Why Choose Abacus for Windows Cloud?

  • We can help you shift focus to business critical workload(s).
  • You need to enhance or replace business continuity.
  • We offer scalable options (buy for today and scale as you grow).
  • You have a desire for best practices.
  • You need to shift to an operating expense.

Partner With Abacus On All Things Cloud

The IBM i platform is unique and requires a skilled hand for not only the IBM i workloads, but the associated Windows workloads as well. Abacus is a partner who handles both with willingness and expertise.