Abacus Upgrade Test Flight

The Abacus Upgrade Test Flight is an extension of our traditional disaster recovery test/restore services. To put it simply, we're remotely delivering a "test flight" that minimizes disruption to the business, and maximizes your confidence to proceed with an upgrade to i6.1 / i7.x.

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Abacus Upgrade Test Flight Details

Pricing Rate
Upgrade Test Flight One-Time Services Engagement (Per Partition) $5,000

Your current iSeries production environment will be restored onto a similarly configured server (i5OS version and hardware resources) to fully test all aspects of the V5RX to i6.1 / i7.x iSeries upgrade process. Abacus support engineers will execute the V5RX upgrade to i6.1 / i7.1 / i7.2 to the dedicated Abacus test environment from customer provided media. We'll also fully document the process, providing you with a deliverable that includes necessary steps and actions. Once the migration is complete you can test via remote VPN, allowing you to thoroughly assess the i6.1 / i7.x functionality and readiness. Additionally, by closely simulating your production environment, you will be able to accurately plan for the real world migration outage time frames.

Why Take the Abacus Upgrade Test Flight?

  • You want to test i6.1/i7.x expanded benefits and functionality.
  • You need to identify and address potential complications of running a live migrations before you make the switch.
  • You want to avoid the use of internal Test/Dev iSeries resources for i6.1/i7.1/i7.2 tests.

Simulate Your Migration With the Abacus Upgrade Test Flight.

It's one of the ways we strive to give our clients the best experience possible. See if an upgrade is right for you before committing to anything permanent. Contact us via the form below and we'll send you our i Cloud Upgrade Test Flight Checklist.