The Abacus IBM i Performance Assessment offers a comprehensive review of all IBM i environment performance related metrics translating into customized recommendations and solutions.

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Abacus IBM i Performance Assessment Details

Abacus IBM i Performance Assessment Total Cost
Service is a credit for a future Abacus sale directly related to assessment.
$0 credit of performance assessment for a related sale < $5,000
50% credit of performance assessment for a related sale < $10,000
100% credit of performance assessment for a related sale > $10,000

The Abacus IBM i Performance Assessment delivers your management team with a thorough understanding of your historical, average, and peak performances. The Abacus “State of the Union” (SOU) summarizes performance data graphically in an easy to follow format. This deliverable will be reviewed over a Webex presentation with our capacity planning and hardware performance experts. Additionally, we will graphically model optional performance upgrades.

The Abacus IBM i performance assessment provides your environment specific data for proper decisions making moving forward. This service also starts the relationship with a uniquely focused and skilled IBM i partner. At Abacus we argue we do the IBM Power Systems, System i, iSeries, and IBM AS/400 environments better than the rest and we look forward to proving it one customer at a time. Let Abacus and the IBM i Performance Assessment provide you with the “Power to Upgrade with Confidence!"

Why Choose the Abacus IBM i Performance Assessment?

  • You have a desire to identify all hardware related performance issues.
  • You need an accurate assessment of optimized hardware upgrades for total cost of ownership comparisons.
  • We can provide simplified capacity planning and modeling with graphical output to present to management.
  • A pending application upgrade is causing concerns about existing hardware capacity and capability.

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