Abacus Cloud

Abacus’s cloud focus is the IBM i, not a side show like some other cloud providers. This unique platform requires a dedicated and skilled partner to bring customers to the cloud, and these days resources are few and far between. It may be past its heyday but Abacus is positioned and ready to meet our goal - to house and host the last 10,000 IBM Power Systems, System i, iSeries and IBM AS/400 environments. As one of the largest IBM i Cloud providers and growing, Abacus has the infrastructure, expertise, and willingness to exceed expectations to migrate you to the Abacus Cloud with confidence.

Abacus Cloud Options

IBM Partnership Qualifications

IBM Managed Services Partner Mark
IBM Specialty for Power Systems Partner Mark
IBM Authorized Systems and Storage for Power Systems Partner Mark
IBM Authorized Systems and Storage for Storage Partner Mark

Why Choose the Abacus Cloud?

  • We are an IBM i Focused solutions provider.
  • We're an IBM certified Managed Service Provider and Premier Business Partner with Power Specialty.
  • Our superior sales and technical expertise.
  • We have a variety of offerings and environments.
  • Our best of breed infrastructure.
  • You need to shift to an operating expense.
  • You have a desire for best practices.
  • We can provide scalability - buy for today and scale as you grow.

Partner With Abacus On All Things Cloud.

Let the Abacus Cloud take care of day-to-day operations so you can concentrate at the critical business application level.